Biosphere Reserve

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The Ebro have been declared finally Biosphere Reserve. The election took place in the framework of the 25th Meeting of the International Coordinating Council of the Programme on Man and the Biosphere (MAB) of UNESCO in Paris on 05/28/13.

Currently, in Spain there are 40 areas that have been declared world biosphere reserve, of which only one, the Natural Park Montseny, since 1978, is located in Catalonia. The Ebro is therefore reserve the second Catalan getting this statement, 35 years after the first.

The biosphere reserves were born with the aim of becoming a strategic tool for scientists, planners, operators and entities work together in preserving natural values ​​and sustainable development of the territory. The original idea is to conserve the biodiversity of areas on the planet with important natural values ​​and to reconcile human activity with these same values, as the best way to preserve these natural areas is to ensure that local people can live and develop normally its activities .

The application has been driven by more than seventy institutions and socioeconomic entities of the four regions of the Ebro and has had the support of 55 local administrations.

As workers in the tourism and environmental sector of this land we welcome this designation, and we hope to serve for the counties of Ebro achieve greater protection for biodiversity and conservation of its natural and scenic environment from projects little environmentally and serve to make ourselves known at European and world level and consolidate our expectations of tourist, cultural, natural and sustainable destination.