Responsible Tourism Awards II Catalunya

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On Thursday 20 November in the enclosure modernist Hospital de Sant Pau in Barcelona the second edition of the Awards for Responsible Tourism Catalonia was held.

These awards are based on the International Responsible Tourism Awards aim to promote and tourism management that reduces the negative impact and increase profits, not only for the company but also for the local community, the environment and visitors.

The awards consist of 5 categories and each category were awarded two diplomas: one for the winner and one for the runner-up. We Gubiana dels Ports, were finalists in the category "Best contribution to the quality of life of the community."

We are very pleased with this result and from here we express our desire to continue:

- Streamlining the tourist resources of the territory, contacting small businesses that use practices that respect the environment.

- Ensuring the preservation of natural and cultural heritage of the Ebro On routes like the Templars, or als Ports excursions, our guides will continue to transmit the values ​​of our history and our territory..

- Promoting a style of tourism that respects nature: work respectfully with the environment enables good power conservation of this and the coming of more responsible tourism: increase the economy without harming nature and well-being of the population.

And before the end of this writing, Qusiera congratulate the other companies (most of the southern lands of Catalonia) who were honored at the event and also those who did not were, but they are working in order to improve tourism in our land, to have a tourism more and more responsible.

Thank you very much to all, to make this possible.